Sri Aurobindo Society invites creative arts

AuroMedia, the media wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry invites your participation in exploring the various forms of beauty and art within and around you.

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have given a lot of importance to beauty.

Sri Aurobindo says: Beauty is the way in which the physical expresses the Divine— but the principle and law of Beauty is something inward and spiritual which expresses itself through the form.

– 23 August, 1933, Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Poetry and Art

Building upon this foundation, we aim to establish a rich treasure of art forms on our AuroMedia website. Hence we would like to curate a collection of various art forms created by the members and devotees that represent beauty and manifest the Mother’s ideas.

Your art works may belong to any of the following categories:

1) Best Photographs

2) Best Graphic Designs

3) Best Short Films

4) Best Music Pieces/Compositions

We will convene a panel to choose the finest entries and showcase them on the AuroMedia website in the form of a gallery. (

We are looking forward to having a beautiful collection on one single platform. You may kindly get in touch via email with [email protected] for any queries and details.

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