Sri Aurobindo - Glimpses of His Life

Sri Aurobindo – Glimpses of His Life

This film is a humble offering by AuroFilms

This film is a humble offering by AuroFilms, Sri Aurobindo Society, on the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Centenary in the year 1972. It was made with the Mother’s consent when She was in Her physical body in the 1970’s and was retrieved / digitized from the U-matic tapes. The films are available in several national and international languages and will be uploaded every fortnight. 
‘Always our Captain holds the rudder well,
He does not sleep.’ – Sri Aurobindo (‘To R. On Her Birthday’)
Our film highlights the major milestones in Sri Aurobindo’s life from his childhood to his voyage to India in 1893 when he touched the soil of India. Wanting the liberation of India, he then launched Bande Mataram, and finally his arrival in Pondicherry on 4th April, 1910. All through his voyages, Sri Aurobindo’s sole determination was to achieve unity with God. As Romain Rolland says of Sri Aurobindo: “The last of the great Rishis holds in his outstretched hands the bow of Creation Impulse.” [1936]
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Tamil - தமிழ்
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