Feeling the Mother’s Presence through a Photograph

When I sit in meditation before the Mother’s photographs or the painting of her feet, I get more Force than when I sit at a distance—on my easy chair, for example. I have noticed that this happens invariably and I suppose it is not subjective merely. But I want to know the real truth from you.

No, it is not subjective merely. By your meditating near them, you have been able to enter through them into communion with the Mother and something of her presence and power is there.

– 14 July 1934, Sri Aurobindo – The Mother with Letters on the Mother

Your experience about the photograph was a very fine and true experience. The Mother’s presence can be felt through the photograph by one who regards it with devotion towards her. It was her true presence that was there, her subtle physical presence and all you felt was true. It shows that your physical mind is opening to the true consciousness. It is quite sure that this will grow and the remnants of the old movements are bound to disappear.

– 2 May 1936, Sri Aurobindo – The Mother with Letters on the Mother

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